Becky Krenzel VIP Gift Box

Packed full of value this health and wellness box is a prefect Mother's day gift or a great way to provide a little self indulgence at home. The tea's are delicious and the bath products luxurious. You will not believe how good the Viva Cacoa chocolate is!
Becky Krenzel VIP Gift Box

The Becky Krenzel VIP Gift box is perfect for Mother's day

A perfect gift box for a little self indulgence or to give as a gift on Mother's day. This gift box is packed full of Health and Wellness items from local artisans and shop owners. Becky has hand picked a mix of drinks, treats, bath products, beauty products and skin care products to go in this years Spring VIP gift box. Here is a breakdown of what is in the box that will help you achieved a relaxing balanced day.

Happiness Chai

Chaibaba is owned by tea master Crystal Russel in Kelowna BC. She sources loose leaf organically grown tea leaves, herbs, and spices from around the world. Chaibaba mixes and creates new blends from these organic tea leaves, herbs, and spices at their shop in the cultural district.

The tea shop has a community spirit and brings people together over a cup of tea in their shop. The store has a friendly warm atmosphere and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy one of their amazing teas. Beloved & Bespoke feels Chaibaba is the perfect addition to their VIP gift box and we know you will not be disappointed in this delicious blend. 

Crush Vino Balm Lip Balm

Proudly partnering with Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards in Peachland, Crush collects the grape seeds and the skins at harvest time. These seeds and skins are abundant with polyphenols and resveratrols. We also use the red wine and lees from the barrels while the wine is fermenting which is loaded with B vitamins and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant magic powers!

Each and everyone one of our products from CRUSH are infused with this amazing Okanagan grape-love and our proprietary Essential Okanagan Oil Blend.

 We use 100% plant based ingredients.  

Crystal Hills Organics Lavender Bath Salts

Andrea Barone is the owner of Crystal Hills and her mission is to create luxurious and highly effective products that incorporate the active constituents of botanicals as well as the healing energetic traits of crystals. The end result is products that lead to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Andrea is very passionate about promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that incorporates the healing powers of nature and the high vibration of crystals.

With an educational background in biological sciences and occupational health and safety, Andrea has long been familiar with reviewing labels and technical data sheets and having a thorough understanding of which chemicals are, or are not safe for the body. With her love of crystals and her organic lifestyle, she took further training to become a chartered herbalist, reiki master healer, studied organic skincare formulation and various healing modalities in order to make truly, unique products that we could all benefit from.

Crystal Hills’ farm has organic certification for our herbs, and flowers. We enrich the soil with only organic nutrients and biodynamic preparations. We believe that organically grown botanicals are more potent and have a higher vibration. We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients for our products.

Ambleside Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Ambleside Soap started as a hobby when we started looking into which soap ingredients aggravate our eczema (from babies to ladies, we all suffer). We found that most retail soap caused painful flare-ups as it is far too drying, leaving skin feeling stripped, dry, and cracked. After years of tinkering with different soap recipes, we make no magical or medicinal claims but find that our hand crafted soap is gentle and works for us.  We know exactly what's in it and why.

There is a bit of magic in soap making - in the tinking with ingredients to achieve the best results.  Although you can use any oil to make soap, we use 100 % vegan oils and butters, all of which have a different chemistry which produce different qualities in soap.  For example, coconut oil produces lots of bubbly lather and is terrific for oily skin.  Olive oil produces a a silky soft lather which leaves your feeling fresh and soft - great for dry skin.  

Our soap is made in West Vancouver, with simple ingredients you generally find in your cupboard.  Please note that all ingredients are Phthalate and Paraben free.  We love making soap and continue to experiment with different moisturizing oils, natural colors (mineral, clay and botanicals), essential oils and fragrances.  

These hand crafted soaps have been created with love, and we hope you enjoy our soap collection! Pop one by your sink, in the shower, or in your sock drawer to keep everything smelling fresh. They make great party favors and personalized gifts!

Viva Cacao! Chocolates

Beth Campbell is the owner and Alchemist at Viva Cacao!, Her mission is to produce delicious small-batch high-quality chocolate using heirloom beans, super foods, and ethical alchemy with cacao sourced from cooperatives that value human well-being, better living conditions, and environmental sustainability.

Beth Campbell is creating small-batch chocolate magic from her rural home in the Kootenays using superfoods, alternative sweeteners (such as coconut sugar) and mindfully-sourced and fairly-traded cacao. Oh and there’s definitely some serious love mixed in there too.

Beth was drawn into the world of small-batch artisan chocolate after getting frustrated about the lack of options on local store shelves. Although she always had a passion for cooking and baking, she had never made chocolate before. She threw caution to the wind, bought some molds and jumped right into what would become a life-changing endeavour. 

She decided to combine her love of alchemy, medicinal ingredients and flavour combinations to bring you chocolate that’s real. Beth also found a way to accelerate the benefits of this magical superfood. She sees cacao as the ultimate delivery vehicle of medicinal substances into the body and she celebrates it. 

Shatavari Love + Roses Matcha latte

Carly is the owner of The Habit a wellness and lifestyle centre that focuses on the teaching of Ayurveda alternate medicine. Ayurveda teaches simple lifestyle adjustments and personal care based on eight components of health and has been practiced in India for over 3,000 years. 

It’s love at first sip with the Shatavari Love + Roses Matcha latte.
Coffee’s not for everyone. Opt for a more grounding form of caffienation with this sweet blend of matcha and rose petals… and a few ancient super herbs said to pump up the volume on your loving experience of life.

Makes 24 cups of deliciousness.These ingredients have been used for centuries to support whole body well-being…

SHATAVARI - Healthy hormone production. "She with the strength for 100 husbands". Eases anxiety and stress. Promotes love and devotion to life.

KAPIKACCHU - Reproductive health. Nervous system support. Ojas builder. Aphrodesiac.hROSE - Emotionally healing. Brings pleasure to every day life.

These luxury and hand made items are exactly what Beloved and Bespoke is all about. We strive to bring delicious and wonderful products that we truly believe in to your home. 

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Dream Big Scrunchies

As a mum of three energetic little boys, I needed to find some down time after our intense days of sports, wrestling, running, jumping and playing. I tried many of the typical "self-care" recommendations however they didn't fill me up. For some reason I decided to focus on sewing to fill my self-care bucket' therapeutic creativity. The only sewing I had done in the past consisted of that in grade 8. One night after a long, tiring, action packed day I was hunting for a hair tie, I came up with the idea of creating scrunchies. I have always been on the hunt for good hair ties. I had yet to find the perfect one. I decided I wanted to create just that!  The kicker is they were also going to smell AMAZING!

My idea to sew "scent holding scrunchies" came about because my friends and family were constantly searching for anything with tea tree to keep lice away. WHO WANTS LICE? NO ONE! With lots of trial and error I created the perfect soft, stretchy scrunchie . Our scrunchies are handmade/handcrafted  with a special filter pad (all made by me) built into our tag that holds your favourite essential oil. They can be used with any scent. We provide you with a small essential oil holder so you can fill it with what ever your heart desires. If you have a headache - peppermint, Calm - Lavender, keep lice away Tee tree oil, feeling sniffly thieves oil etc.. Its the perfect Scrunchie with a tag that holds your favourite scent.......Dream Big Scrunchies.

 Nikki Balfour - Artist 

Nikki is an independent full-time artist based out of the Okanagan since 2006. She draws inspiration from B.C.'s diverse landscapes, her travel experiences and the atmospheres created by the changing seasons. Her paintings evoke the application of her freestyle abstract technique.

Each Painting has its own depth and unique voice. Standing in front of these work's in person allows you to truly appreciate the complexity, subtlety, and depth of the work of Nikki Balfour. 

Master Formulae 

Master Formulae has been around for 40 years and is a Kelowna based Company.  We come from humble roots. The original formulae in our line were created and passed on from Master herbalist and Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Christopher 40+ years ago and many herbs were wild crafted locally in Kelowna BC Canada. Master Formulae harness  the healing power of plants in tincture and topical form to create professional grade medicines for a more conscious world. 



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