Breakfast in Bed Gift Box

Our Breakfast in Bed gift box features everything you need to make delicious french crepes. We have included top quality and gourmet products so you can treat your sweetheart to the perfect morning delicacy. All you need to bring are a few essential ingredients and follow our favourite recipe.
Breakfast in Bed Gift Box

Breakfast in Bed Crepe Pan


The Nordic Ware Traditional French Crepe pan is a professional grade 10” crepe pan that will work wonders in your kitchen. Made from aluminized steel it offers amazing performance and quality without the weight of a heavier and more expensive cast iron pan. This crepe pan design works on any stove top and features a nonstick surface so the crepes release easily and cleanup is a breeze. The steel construction is excellent at delivering even heat which makes quick work of cooking the thin crepes properly. The size of the pan is ideal for cooking up a batch of crepes for your family. The sloped edge on the traditional french crepe pan is perfect for slipping off the crepes into a nice stack to keep warm in your oven. 
We love Nordic Ware products and quality. They are a family owned business that has a tradition going back to 1946.

Maple Syrup

The Noble brand of handcrafted Maple Syrups starts its journey in the woods of Quebec. A medium amber syrup delivers a rich smooth flavor that is then aged and blended to deliver a truly amazing culinary experience. Noble Tonic 02 combines Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Egyptian Chamomile Blossom into a delightful blend. Egyptian chamomile blossom has a buttery apple flavour that goes perfectly with the spicy notes of the vanilla bean. It delivers a fruity and flora aroma that adds another dimension to your perfect breakfast in bed. 
The Noble Tonic 01 maple syrup is another amazing creation. Handcrafted in small batches using Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel it is a blast of deliciousness everyone should experience.  The Tuthilltown charred American oak barrels deliver a smoke note and the hint of raw Tuthilltown bourbon is just the thing for making every crepe breakfast perfect. 

Tuthilltown is New York's first whiskey distillery since the abolition of prohibition. Their small batch distillery uses locally sourced corn, apples and grains and embodies the new American pioneering spirit. Noble’s Tonic 01 is proud to collaborate in this old school tradition.

Crepe Spreader and Spatula

Our beechwood crepe mix spreader and bamboo crepe spatula are the perfect compliment to your Nordic Ware crepe pan. It is important to quickly spread the mix over the hot pan surface to ensure even cooking. Crepes are best cooked thin to allow for a nice roll up when you add in your savoury or sweet fillings. The spreader quickly moves the batter around the pan and with a little practice you can make a smooth circular sweep to create the perfect crepe. Watch the edge as the crepe cooks and as soon as it loses its wet top do a quick flip with the long thin spatula. Our Recipe Card is in the Breakfast in Bed Gift Box, just follow the easy steps to make gourmet crepes.


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