Social Distancing Gift Box

To help you feel secure and provide you with a nice distraction we have put together a Social Distancing Gift Box. The gift box include locally made hand sanitizer and hand sewn mask for when you are out in your community and items for when you are at home and need a little rest and relaxation.
Social Distancing Gift Box

This Pandemic is forcing us all to stay at home. Which is not a bad thing but at times can make you feel a little cut off from friends and family. We’ve got just the thing to occupy your time and take your mind of feeling alone. And when you do have to go out we have just what you need to help keep yourself safe from this nasty virus. 


These luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner bars are made right here in Kelowna.

They've ditched the plastic for recyclable packaging. Living a low impact lifestyle just got a little easier. They keep our formula clean. That means no plastic packaging and no plastic microbeads. Just nourishing ingredients that won’t harm the environment. They are into taking care of animals, not testing products on them. We don’t test on animals or work with companies who do. These are products you can feel good about. Their bars are packed solid with quality ingredients that will improve the health of your hair. There’s no greasy film left behind. Just clean, full and soft hair.

They  know you’re busy so they've kept it simple. Wet your hair and the bar, rub the bar onto your hair and then use it in the same way you would with liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Barenone has made it easy to have great hair and care for the environment.


West Coast All Purpose Sanitzer

A simple solution to keeping ourselves and our environment a little cleaner and a little safer. West Coast Sanitizer was created initially out of necessity to donate to the front line workers and emergency crews operating in Tofino, Ucluelet and Port Alberni during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. After that initial emergency production was complete and in response to popular demand we began making this for general sale! The sanitizer is a blend of alcohol (sourced from Tofino Distillery) and our own Clarity Apothecary high quality essential oils. The alcohol is the sanitizing ingredient and therefore cleans surfaces, hands and high touch points in the same way alcohol based sanitizers usually do.

The Courageous Cure


Are you feeling out of control, stuck, or frustrated in a process of disease or pain? Feeling that wellness and vitality is beyond your grasp? 

The Courageous Cure will take you deep inside the core of your restorative journey and carve out an easy to understand map for you to take control of your health. It will transform the way you look at health, your body, and medicine as a whole. You will be equipped with the knowledge of why you get sick, and more importantly how you can heal.

The Courageous Cure will dive into the root causes of disease from genetics and nutrient deficiencies, to toxicity and stress, but also uncover the powerful essential keys to healing. True and lasting healing comes from treating the right level of the body: from the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Dr Alana Berg, has been practising for the past 13 years as a Naturopath in Kelowna. She is also an Author, speaker and healing facilitator.


Calendula salve - Throughout history people have been using calendula for skin irritations.  With its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it can be used for a variety of conditions including acne, wounds, diaper rash and for soothing eczema.

I infuse organic extra virgin olive oil with organically and locally grown calendula flowers.  When the infusion is complete I mix it with healing beeswax and essential oils.

Modest Maverick

Well, I never thought I’d be asked to make reusable Face Mask masks, but I guess there’s always a first time for everything. 

My name is Erin and I am the wild woman behind Modest Maverick. My usual gig is making Tofino Beach Blankets, Baby Blankets and other goods but things shifted when we were all faced with this pandemic. I knew I needed to help. When owning a small business you must be able to be flexible in order to make things work during challenging times. Making these masks has allowed me to help hundreds of people all over the world and continue to grow my business in this uncertain time. I hope you are all staying happy and healthy! Erin 

Candle Cove & Co

Blue Agave & Melon - Light floral notes of hibiscus, violet, and peony are blended on a base of creamy vanilla and sweet coconut to create this fruit-floral blend. Soy Candles burn clean and last up to 50 hours. These candles also feature a hidden piece of Jewellery in every jar.