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Regale Mini Women Gift Box
Regale Mini Gift Box $55.00
This carefully curated mini box has all the local goods you need to chill out, read a book or sit on the deck and admire the beautiful Okanagan views. Starting with locally handcrafted mugs by Nancy Pottery, local loose leaf tea from Chaibaba will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Our guilt-free chocolate from Viva Cacao is gluten, dairy and soy-free. Then hop in the shower for an all-natural exfoliating shimmer sugar scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Then pop on our Vino lip balm made from luscious grapes from Fitzpatrick Winery. All the things you need to leave you feeling perfectly Regaled!
R&R Women Gift Box
R&R Box $110.00
Run yourself a bath and pour in these beautiful organic crystal hills bath salts. Crack yourself a bottle of our best selling bubbly then dim the lights and light our deliciously wicked candle. When you're all done with your candle put it out with our beloved rose gold wicker trimmer and save that organic local tea for your morning bliss. *****Our mini bottle bubbly is discontinued from our vendor******  substitution will be a mini bottle of Lamarc Prosecco  
Prominence Mini Gift Box
Prominence Mini Box $55.00
  The perfect gift for those in your life who deserves a little more self-love! Our Prominence Mini Box is the perfect bundle for a staycation.  Handcrafted pottery mug by Nancy’s Pottery  Chai Bubba Tea to maximize relaxing  Lemon-Scented Candle from Okanagan Candle Co  Unicorn Shimmer Sugars Scrub with all-natural scents and essential oils
Rewind & Unwind Gift Box
Rewind & Unwind Box $110.00
Unwind in a bath filled with lavender fields that is all natural scented 100% soy candle from Deliciously Wicked in Ontario. This calming gift box also includes a sweet treat from our beautiful chocolate boutique located in downtown Kelowna.
Rose All Day Beloved & Bespoke
Rose All Day $120.00
Rose is something people love to enjoy on a nice hot summer day! However if your headed into those breezy fall nights think about getting cozy with a nice warm bath with our all natural organic infused crystal hills magnesium salts and lighting that deliciously scented candle and pouring yourself a glass of Cote de Rose. Our simple yet elegant matches always include a special message on them and are perfect for lighting your beautiful candle! Our signature napkins are perfect for display and or to make sure your rose is perfectly displayed !    this makes the perfect gift for a friend who is engaged, Birthday, appreciation gift and or someone who just wants to sit back and relax! 
Mini Golden Pompous Gift Box Mini Golden Pompous Gift Box Image
Mini Golden Pompous Box $90.00
Our Mini Pompous box makes the perfect gift for anyone needing a little extra TLC and self love. This beautiful mini has been carefully curated to bring warmth, appreciation and love to the recipient.  Featrued in our  Golden Pompous  Tav Ceramics made in Vancouver Handcrafted ceramic mugs with lid made with the intention of creating something timeless made with high quality clay, non toxic glaze.  Also seen in the Jilly box  Viva Cacoa from Slocan BC  High quality, organic ingredients for each bar, and packing in superfoods with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need daily. Gluten, dairy and soy free.  Clarity Magnesium  Bath Salts - Tofino  We love the idea of soaking in a soothing bath surrounded by beautiful flowers. We have teamed up with Barefoot Tofino Flowers to combine Magnesium Chloride flakes with carefully grown, handpicked, dried flowers. Use 1 vial per bath to reduce pain, swelling, soothe muscles, release tension and aid in sleep. Tease Golden Slumber  A calming blend to guide you from a long day, straight into dreamland with peppermint and rooibos. Caffeine Free. did you know Rooibos is known to calm the nerves for a restful sleep.  Ingredients: Rooibos*, Lemon pieces*, Peppermint leaves*, *Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic  Blended and packaged in Canada.
Settle-In Gift Box
Settle In $120.00
Looking to wow your guests? This box features some amazing locally sourced products that are sure to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome during their stay. With our signature plastic cups which are easy to transport, go perfect with one of our Intrigue white bubbly's.  Spritz some Essential oil for good feel vibes from Clarity Apothecary from Tofino.  Our bamboo all natural hand towels are perfect for the kitchen.  Don't forget handmade handcrafted chocolate made locally right here in Kelowna from Karat Chocolate.
Bundle Of Joy Box Beloved & Bespoke
Bundle Of Joy Box $90.00
Welcome to the world little one! With our Beloved baby box we made sure to choose items with intention, thoughtfulness and love! Not only do we want to spoil the new precious baby that had come into the world, bit we want momma to feel special too! Momma can wrap her new bundle of joy in our sustainable organic baby throw and soak up some suds in a bath while using our all natural sugar scrub while sipping on some organic tea and after your bath is done use our unscented body butter which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This body butter is good for baby too as it is all natural organic shea butter and coconut oil      Tofino Towel (baby blanket)  clarity apothecary body butter  Truth Shimmer body scrub  chai babba Happiness Tea  
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Mothers Day Gift Box Mothers Day Goodies Gift Box
Mothers Day Gift Box $125.00
A relationship that effortlessly scores above all other relationships on this earth is a "bond between a mother & a child." To celebrate this bond and acknowledge everything a mother does, Mother's Day is celebrated and dedicated to all the loving Mothers! A special day dedicated to expressing love, honour, and respect to your mother. It is more than a celebration to honour the contribution of mothers and the role they play every single day. If you also want to thank your mother for all her efforts and make her feel special, gift her a Beloved & Bespoke's Mothers Day Gift Box. Mother's Day is the perfect time to show how much you care and appreciate all the hard-working mammas out there! Our Mother's Day Special Gift Box contains: Handmade Ceramic Pink Mug with Lid: Whether you want to pamper your mother or just want to make her morning special, this exclusive handmade ceramic pink speckled mug with a lid from Tav Ceramics is an ideal option. Vanilla Sugar Candle: This 16oz Deliciously Wick't warm vanilla sugar candle has an excellent fragrance that truly enlightens the mood. Beautiful Matchsticks: Light up that beautiful candle with our original matches with a special message included on each individual bottle. Rose Gold Wicker Trimmer: When needed, trim your wick with our rose gold wicker trimmer to keep that candle going longer and burning brighter. Crystal Hills Organic Tea Bag: Finish off with an enhanced relaxing bath with our Crystal Hills Organic tea bag. Just pop it into your bath for one-time use. Infused with reiki crystal bath salts, you are sure to feel relaxed. Beautiful Handmade Earrings: Pair your mother's favourite outfit with these handmade earrings from Adorables studios Boutique in Kelowna. A Beautiful Rose: Put this beautiful rose in some water to enjoy for up to two weeks from Lake Country Flowers. Our Mother's Day special gift box contains different souvenirs that can make any woman feel special. If you are not a mother yet but want to pamper yourself on this special day, this combo is perfect for you as every item present in this combo is perfect for making you and your surroundings just right for the day! This is not what you need? Don't worry! Check out our other Mother's Day Special Gift Boxes. Browse through our exclusive women's gift boxes and choose the one you like the most. We have custom gift boxes as well. Feel free to contact us to customize your gift box!
Lounge in Lilac Beloved & Bespoke
Lounge in Lilac $80.00
I imagine the last few weeks of summer chilling with your brand new Tofino Towel and lounging around, sipping on cocktails while taking in the sunset! Whether you’re at the beach or relaxing by the pool this box is everything you need to chill lax and enjoy the summer day! The best part about this box is everything is local!   Lilac Tofino Towel Born To shake lavender sugar rim for cocktails Mini Beloved&Bespoke  candle Viva Cacao chocolate   
Beloved Sweet Box Beloved & Bespoke
Beloved Sweet Box $100.00
Enjoy a relaxing day/evening with this angelic, self care box filled with good intentions and relaxing vibes.  Enjoy a bath with our crystal hill infused magnesium basalt, drink some infused earl grey tea along with soaking up a a collagen facemask, and don’t forget something sweet to nibble on! This makes for the perfect spa treatment, right in the comfort of your own home!   Crystal Hills infused organic bath salts sugar joy non gmo vegan candies Viva Cacao chocolate sugar. dairy and soy free  Earl Grey Tea Dried rose flower bouquet  Collagen Face Mask   
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Falalala Okanagan Christmas Self Care Box Beloved & Bespoke
Falalala Okanagan Christmas Self Care Box $155.00
With the holidays a time to celebrate with family and friends we know it can alose be a busy time of year. We curated this box with a focus on self care and a time to kick back and enjoy a few things from the Okanagan! Enjoy time relaxing with your all natural organic Crystal Hills bath salts while enjoying our signature  luxurious candle your body spray from Crystal Hills that will leave your skin silky smooth after that long luxurious bath. Enjoy a hot or cold drink in your new OKan again Tumbler and just a nice touch of sweetness with our non-GMO, no high corn fructose syrup vegan sugar joy candy!
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Periwinkle Coast Gift Box
Periwinkle Coast Box $85.00
Whether your looking for a gift for a friend or something for those hot summer days on the boat . maybe it’s chilling on the beach soaking up some raze on your Tofino beach towel. You can nibble on Sugar Joy candy while people watching on the lake. Finish off the day with our unicorn sugar scrub by Truth Natural that smells like cotton candy and lavender that will leave your skin feeling silky soft and ready for the evening out on the town.
Unwind Box Beloved & Bespoke
Unwind Box $105.00
You want to unwind, relax and just take a break! Enjoy our organic Chai babba tea while enjoying the scented aroma of our Warm vanilla Sugar Candle! Then enjoy some of our favorite candy from sugar joy which will sure to curb that sweet tooth.  Delicously Wickt Candle Chai Babba tea Sugar Joy non gmo, no highcorn fructose syrup Viva Cacao gluten dairy and soy free Chocolate  Dried Flower bouquet 
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The Calming Box Beloved & Bespoke
The Calming Box $70.00
We all love a little relaxation and some calm quiet time every once in a while. With our Calming box you get a sense of being able to take a break. Whether it’s a friend, client, mother, daughter and or just someone you want to say your thinking of them. Perhaps you want to send them a get well box, this box is the perfect way to express you are thinking of them or appreciate all they’ve done.

Unbox Self-Care With Mini Gift Boxes

Do you ever see your friend craving a relaxing break on a busy day? Well, gift her a friendly, decorative basket holding spa must-haves, food and wine. Beloved and Bespoke brings you the magic of premium self-care and wellness products delivered right at your friend’s doorstep. We have plenty of options for you to choose from- natural scented candles, all-natural exfoliating scrubs, and more. You can make your special one feel extra special with a box creatively crafted with your love. 

With our mini box, your special one can chill out on hectic days, read a book on weekends or sit on the deck and admire the beautiful Okanagan lake. Our self-care gift boxes can fit in your special requests with extra care, whether you want to gift a handcrafted mug and other supplies or a bar of guilt-free chocolate to your gluten-sensitive friends. After a moment of surprise, your receiver can hop in the shower to let their body rejoice with our all-natural range of self-care products. Trust our words; your gift will be a perfect keepsake for your special receiver. Browse through our extra unique options for your loved ones who deserve extra care!