BBQ Gift Box Survival Kit

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With this BBQ Gift Box your grill master will be singin' a tune and looking great! thanks to your amazing BBQ Gift accessories. It is a perfect Gift for Father's day!

We feel there is a need for the perfect BBQ gift box survival kit for the grill master in your family.

And while we have a great many items to choose from we think we have found the perfect combination of 4 essential BBQ gift box items. (There are actually 5 items but it is not very easy shipping beer) 

Detailed Description

First off, your man has to look great standing over by the grill even if he is not doing anything. So a professional bespoke apron is essential. We also appreciate that it is often hot during the grilling season so an all leather apron is not ideal. They are too heavy and hot to work in. Better to rely on a tough cotton with just the right amount of style and lots of functionality. 

Of course your favourite butcher will be providing the meat for your feast but may we suggest an amazing sauce from our award winning neighbour Denzel. Denzel is a local master at creating amazing hot sauces. His BBQ sauces have won the coveted Scovie Award ( National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show). They are truly excellent and a go-to sauce for beef, pork and chicken when you need to kick it up a notch.

If time permits we have also included a 5 star BBQ sauce recipe for those who prefer the Kansas City style of BBQ sauces. This recipe comes from Meathead Goldwyn and is something to brag about. This delicious tomato based sauce can be made ahead of time and stored in your fridge. The recipe and instructions are listed below. According to Meathead it is perfectly acceptable BBQ etiquette to claim this sauce as your own and pretend it is an old family recipe. 

The last item we feel is an essential upgrade. For too long men have had to rely on wimpy bottle and beer openers. We do not want to use a wine bottle opener for our beer. We want something that fits in our hand and doesn’t slip around when it's covered in sauce and grease. The solution is a beer opener that has a military knife grip handle. It should feel like there is a 6 inch full-tang blade there but instead you open your beer with it. That is perfection, and we can guarantee your husband’s buddies will immediately say “That’s awesome - Where did you get that from!” The answer is from Ka-Bar, one of the best Made in America Knife companies around.

Well that’s the perfect BBQ Survival kit. Apron, Great Sauce and manly beer opener. We know from experience that each time he steps up to the grill he will be nodding his head and appreciating this thoughtful gift. Well done gifters! (or should that be medium rare?)