Mothers Delight


Mothers Delight


$15 - Flat-Rate Shipping (Canada Wide)

Mother's Delight which includes everything that will fill the room with delight. Our signature soothing aroma Candle, Wicker Trimmers, relaxing Tea, and handcrafted hand Towels, along with our signature moisturizing Soap is a beautifully curated gift box that combines practicality and indulgence for a truly delightful experience. This gift box is perfect for those looking to pamper themselves or surprise their loved ones with a thoughtful and luxurious present.

•Rose Gold Wicker Trimmer

•Hobbyist moisturizing soap 

•Dried bouquet 

•Chai Babba Tea

•Delicously Wickt Candle

•True North Handmade HandTowels 

Complimentary Hand-Written Gift Message Available