Ultimate Holiday “Spirits” Collection Gift Box


Ultimate Holiday “Spirits” Collection Gift Box


$15 - Flat-Rate Shipping (Canada Wide)

Indulge in the holiday spirit with our Ultimate Holiday Spirits Collection!

This thoughtfully curated gift box is a celebration in a box, perfect for anyone who loves a sip of seasonal joy.

Inside, you'll find an exquisite assortment of pre-made cocktails, each crafted to perfection, taking the hassle out of mixology and allowing you to savor every moment of your festivities. From classic favorites like Old Fashioned and Cosmopolitan to uniquely crafted holiday specials, your taste buds are in for a treat. 

To add a touch of effervescence to your celebrations, we've included a few mini sparkling wines that will make your toasts even more special. And for those looking to experiment, discover our innovative cocktail infuser, which allow you to infuse your favorite spirits with seasonal flavors and aromas.

This gift box is a delightful journey into the world of holiday spirits, designed to make your Christmas celebrations truly unforgettable. 

Gift Contains:

  • Empress Gin Mini Bottle (375ml)
  • 6 Pre-Made Cocktails
  • 2 Mini Intrigue Sparkling Wine Bottles  (200ml)
  • Smirnoff Red White & Merry (750ml)
  • Fireball Mini Bottle  (375ml)
  • Absolute Vodka Mini Bottle  (375ml)
  • Appleton Rum Mini Bottle  (375ml)
  • Bumbu Rum Mini Bottle  (375ml)
  • Spicebox Gingerbread Whiskey  (375ml)
  • Citrus Berry Garnishes
  • 2 Cocktail Kits
  • 2 OKGN Wine Glasses

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