VIP Spa Box - Women

Tired of scaly looking skin, that is itchy with obvious dry flakes and you can feel the rough hard edges of those over washed hands? Need a night of relaxation and set a peaceful stress free ambiance at home after a LONG week of Covid precautions?

For best results, use this dry brush to slough off dead dry skin that makes it feel rough, look dull and lackluster. Rub this devine scrub on your driest areas (elbows, knees, feet, hands) and massage it in. Rinse off in the shower. Or light your candle, run a bath, include your delicious bath bomb and take some relaxing time for yourself. Once you dry off, finish with the hydrating lotion bar to lock in moisture so your skin is silky soft. Use the room spray/body spray as a final refreshing step & complete the self care process with a piece of chocolate. ENJOY!