The Best Bachelorette Gift Box Ideas

The Best Bachelorette Gift Box Ideas

2022 was the ultimate year of weddings, and the momentum continues in 2023. Wedding experts predict that Canada will see a significant number of weddings as couples celebrate love in the wake of the pandemic slowdown.

Planning a wedding is hard work, and it doesn't start and stop with the big day. Most couples also plan additional events to predate the wedding, including engagement parties, wedding showers, and bachelorette parties.

If you're preparing for your own bachelorette party, there's one thing you don't want to overlook: gifts for your guests. Fortunately, our gift box ideas will make it easy to spread the love to your best pals.

Read on to learn more about what we include in our bespoke bachelorette gift boxes this year.

Relaxing Candles

Scented candles add ambience and delightful fragrances to any room. They also promote relaxation and an improved sense of wellness, according to holistic therapists. Give your closest friends the gift of well-being with gift boxes that include candles.

At Beloved and Bespoke, we love handcrafted candles in warming scents. We include scented candles in several of our gift boxes.

For example, you'll find the Deliciously Wicked candle in Vanilla Sugar in the Rose All Day Box, I Do Gift Box, and. Rewind & Unwind Box. You'll find the Okanagan candle in Lemon in the Prominence Mini Box and Regale Mini Box. Finally, you'll find our own Beloved and Bespoke candle in the "I Do" Box along with a package of our Bespoke matches.

Cosy Bath Products

Nothing pairs better with a relaxing candle than a long, luxurious bath. After an exciting weekend or night on the town, everyone deserves to unwind in a hot bath, and you can make it all the cosier with the right products. It should come as no surprise that we love bath products at Beloved and Bespoke, and you'll find bath products in many of our gift boxes. 

For example, the Beholden Mini Box comes with local Crystal Hills bath salts while the Rose All Day Box comes with Crystal Hills magnesium-infused bath salts. You'll find the Unicorn Shimmer sugar scrub in the Prominence Mini Box and the Regale Mini Box. 

Unique Treats

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to indulge in some unique and delicious treats, from tea to chocolate and beyond. That said, finding the right treats for everyone to enjoy is difficult when many people have allergies, sensitivities, and preferences that you may not know about.

We're highly selective about the treats that we include in our gift boxes. For example, anyone who receives the Beholden Mini Box will get to sample Chaibaba tea in a locally handcrafted pottery mug, and recipients of the Rewind & Unwind Box will also get a taste of Chaibaba tea. The Prominence Mini Box, Regale Mini Box, "I Do" Box, Rewind & Unwind, and I Do Gift Box all come with local dark chocolate that is free of most major allergens including gluten and nuts. 

Luxury Linens

This is a pivotal time in your life and is likely a pivotal time in your friends' lives, as well. For many of us, this is the time when we're rethinking everything, including the way that we fill our homes with the products we use every day. Luxury linens can make all the difference because even the way we dry our hands or our dishes can make us feel like royalty!

That's why we've included the Tofino bamboo hand towel set in the Settle In Box. These hand towels are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. They're soft to the touch and dry quickly, which means that they won't make your hands feel rough or produce any unpleasant odours between washes.

Adult Beverages

When you're preparing for your Bachelorette, alcoholic beverages are likely on the agenda! Why not let everyone pop a cork and raise a glass before you even hit the town? Providing drinks as Bachelorette party favours is a great way to get the festive mood underway.

We include two adorable mini bottles of sparkling rose in the "I Do" Box and the I Do Gift Box. You'll also find a bottle of Cote de Rose in the Rose All Day Box and two mini bottles of Intrigue White Bubbly in our Settle In Box. Cheers to you, your closest friends, and the wonderful memories you will create together! 

Stemless Drinkware

If you've said "yes" to drinks for your memorable gift boxes, you'll want to provide cups or glasses to go with them. Many of our gift boxes come equipped with stemless drinkware that's ideal for on-the-go use and that your friends can put in their cupboards as keepsakes for years to come.

For example, the "I Do" Box comes equipped with two stemless, iridescent champagne flutes. The I Do Gift Box Set comes with two stemless, iridescent wine glasses. The Settle In Box comes with two black plastic cups engraved with our signature diamond.

Whether you want to crack open the drinks provided in these gift boxes or save them for later, these cups will come in handy for a night of fun!

Find Your Perfect Bachelorette Gift Box With These Gift Box Ideas

When you're planning a bachelorette party, you have enough on your plate. At Beloved and Bespoke, our goal is to make bachelorette party favours a no-brainer. These gift box ideas were hand-selected by us so that they could be given with joy and love by you. 

Looking for more great gift box ideas for every occasion? Take a look at our entire inventory of Beloved and Bespoke gift boxes. From corporate gifts to teacher gifts and beyond, we've got you covered.