Regale Mini Women Gift Box
Regale Mini Gift Box $50.00
This carefully curated mini box has all the local goods you need to chill out, read a book or sit on the deck and admire the beautiful Okanagan views. Starting with locally handcrafted mugs by Nancy Pottery, local loose leaf tea from Chaibaba will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Our guilt-free chocolate from Viva Cacao is gluten, dairy and soy-free. Then hop in the shower for an all-natural exfoliating shimmer sugar scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Then pop on our Vino lip balm made from luscious grapes from Fitzpatrick Winery. All the things you need to leave you feeling perfectly Regaled!
Prominence Mini Gift Box Prominence Mini Gift Box Idea
Prominence Mini Box $55.00
  The perfect gift for those in your life who deserves a little more self-love! Our Prominence Mini Box is the perfect bundle for a staycation.  Handcrafted pottery mug by Nancy’s Pottery  Chai Bubba Tea to maximize relaxing  Lemon-Scented Candle from Okanagan Candle Co  Unicorn Shimmer Sugars Scrub with all-natural scents and essential oils  Handcrafted matches in pink from Deliciously Wickt
Beholden Mini Gift Box
Beholden Mini Box $35.00
Beholden to the snowy winters and sunny summers, these are sure to create wonderful memories. This uniquely crafted gift box is perfect for that someone special in your life who loves the BC mountains... or maybe for yourself too! The Beholden Box includes: Local Crystal hills bath salts  Local Chaibaba tea  Local Handcrafted pottery mug
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Aqua Bliss Gift Box Aqua Bliss Gift Boxes
Aqua Bliss Box $75.00
Enjoy yourself on a beach, perhaps by the pool or even just enjoying a hot tub! This perfect Turkish Tofino Beach Towel is light beautiful and stunning to wear as a shall or wrap around your waist to make a skirt. yiu can pamper yourself with our unicorn sugar scrub that leaves your skin silky smooth with its sugar beads and natural exfoliating technology. next you can light our hand pored candle while while nibbling on our gluten dairy and soy free cViva Cacao Chocolate. This box hits all the senses.     
Culinary Mini Gift Box Culinary Mini Box Gift Box
Culinary Mini Box $35.00
This box is perfect for the sauté chef in your life or perfect for a dinner party box. The Culinary Mini Box includes: Smoked Olives Tapenade from Fumeh Award-winning Char Blue Spice Rub Smoke Show Light Jalapeno Aioli Sauce
Fathers Day Gourmand Box Beloved & Bespoke
Fathers Day Gourmand Box $55.00
This box has everything you need to enjoy a day on the patio! If your dad is into barbecuing, entertaining and or enjoying some good company this box screams perfection! Start off with a Manhattan cocktail and enjoy a nice charcuterie with smoked olive tapenade and rain coast crisps!  Then when  your ready to make that perfect burger add the famous smoke show aioli. Our 3 D cups are perfect for those cocktails.
Gratitude Box Beloved & Bespoke
Gratitude Box $38.00
A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart! Is their a special teacher you’d like to celebrate? Perhaps a principe, colleague or staff member.    We have curated this mini box with the intention of signifying that teacher that perhaps went the extra mile and or just really made an impact! This  box represents all local businesses from the Okanagan and will be sure to leave a lasting impression!  Nancy Pottery Ceramic Mug (West Kelown) Karat Chocolate (Kelowna) Chai bubba Tea (Kelowna)
The Sweetie Mini Gift Box For Closed Once
Sweetie Mini Box $50.00
The cutest box you ever did see! Items in this box include the following: Our unicorn shimmer scrub is all-natural and is perfect for any age. Its sweet smell and pretty glitter are the perfect addition to your shower or bath routine. Dream big scrunchie in cream. Made with velvet. Sugar Joy Candie is free of High Corn Fructose syrup, no gelatin, non-GMO, and is Gluten Free 
The Mint Box Beloved & Bespoke
The Mint Box $90.00
Do you own an Air bnb perhaps looking for non toxic sustainable, local product? This box is perfect for the recipient who is looking for more natural ways to clean their house. The mint box features the collection of all things natural and good for the environment! When it comes to cleaning we wanted to give you options that will not only clean your house but will make it smell good too. You can guarantee that your house is sure to smell just a bit more mintier! Made in Victoria BC MintCleaning is women owned and Eco Friendly    
Birthday Box Beloved & Bespoke
Birthday Box $100.00
this is our special mini Birthday Box with all the things that celebrate that special Birthday.   if your looking to celebrate someone special this box is sure to leave an impression 
Bereavement Gift Box Bereavement Box Of Gifts
Bereavement Box $75.00
Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever! Bereavement boxes are one of the ways we can help support others to cope with their grief. Sometimes giving something more personal and thoughtful is a preeminent way to express your condolences  This box hits all the senses to help elevate anxiety and stress due to experiencing loss.    Clarity Apothecary Balance Room Spray  Karat chocolate  mini milk/dark  Mountain and Moon  intention bottle helps you to create intentions around the loss you’ve experienced and help deal with grief  Heart shaped prayer beads  Deep in the trees Soap Co Theives aroma diffuser     
Periwinkle Coast Gift Box
Periwinkle Coast Box $85.00
Whether your looking for a gift for a friend or something for those hot summer days on the boat . maybe it’s chilling on the beach soaking up some raze on your Tofino beach towel. You can nibble on Sugar Joy candy while people watching on the lake. Finish off the day with our unicorn sugar scrub by Truth Natural that smells like cotton candy and lavender that will leave your skin feeling silky soft and ready for the evening out on the town.
Condiments Gift Box Condiments gift box
Condiments Box $50.00
Thus mini box has the perfect blend of savory and sweet for any occasion. Whether you are headed out campaign and need a quick gift or perhaps you have a housewarming to go to? What ever the occasion may be we know this box is suitable for everyone. smoke show aioli is the perfect addition to any cookout. Char blue spice rub award winning spice is something that adds so much flavor to any dinner meal. Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup cokes from the indigenous winery and is hand made. This adds so much flavor to any breakfast meal like crepes, waffles, French toast and can enhance the flavor of your bacon.  
19th Hole Box Beloved & Bespoke 19th Hole Box Beloved & Bespoke
19th Hole Box $65.00
Normally when golfers say that they are looking forward to the 19th hole, they are referring to the clubhouse or bar. The 19th hole is a slang term for a pub, bar, or restaurant on or near the golf course, hence the 19th hole.  Included in this box is  Our cocktail handcrafted  handmade recycled 3D cup with diamond logo. Old Fashioned handmade infused cocktail cubes  Viva Cacoa Chocolate -Gluten, Dairy and Soy free 2 pack Premium Titleist Gold Balls All Titleist golf balls embody superior performance, innovative design and technology, precision manufacturing, and unmatched quality. 
Be Mine Gift Box
Be Mine Box $100.00
Looking for the perfect gift to say Be Mine? Look no further,  we have the perfect box for that special someone!  Our Bespoke Red Rose is the perfect gift for that special sweetheart! Along with our French Vanilla  scented candle that gives off all the aromas of a classical romantic evening. Have a bite of our delicious handcrafted chocolate from Karat made right here in kelowna. Fee like kicking back and chilling out? Why not soak up lavender infused magnesium salts while exfoliating in our coffee Infused sugar scrub made in Saskatchewan AB. Moisturize  those lips with our clear coated lip gloss. This is sure to be the gift everyone will be talking about this Valentines Day.