Our Mission

Beloved & Bespoke is all about bringing quality goods together in a gift box format while creating balance, a shared excitement and fun experience. We source all our goods from Canadian and American manufacturers and suppliers however, our goal is to find the vast majority of our products from local craftspeople.


Beloved & BeSpoke was created to empower and bring you a unique box of nourishing treasures that have been curated around knowledge, love and happiness along with being bespoke.

Our story begins with our Founder Becky Krenzel who has always had a passion for health and wellness. She was Born and raised in Calgary Alberta and often travelled to the Okanagan with her family where they spent numerous summers. After getting married to her husband Mike in 2004, they both realized they wanted to move to Kelowna and pursue their dreams of raising a family there. In 2006 they had their first child Makayla and in 2007 they found a 10 acre cherry orchard that was inspired by Becky's mom. They decided to take the plunge and move their family to the Okanagan. Having no experience in the cherry orchard industry they jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history! In 2008 they had a baby girl named Cruz.

It was incredible for them to raise a family on a beautiful parcel of land and have their girls experience the Okanagan lifestyle. At about 3 years old, Makayla started losing her hair due to an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata. This condition causes your immune system to attack the hair follicles in which they fall out. Makayla would often wake up to clumps of her hair on her pillow resulting in bald patches on her head until it eventually fell out. It was devastating and heartbreaking to say the least and as a mother Becky felt helpless, guilt, angry.

However if anyone has met Makayla they would say she is one of the strongest, bravest, and most courageous girls that they know. She was never bothered by her hair loss and it wasn’t until going through this process that Becky started to feel that there had to be other options. She researched natural and holistic alternatives in hopes that they could treat Makayla's hair loss as well as give insight as to what was going on inside her body.

Through this process they started looking at the inside of her body to help them understand what was causing this to happen. The doctors said Makayla had less than a 5% chance of getting all of her hair back and Becky is happy to tell you that she beat the odds. Today her daughter has 95% of her hair back as they have done numerous things to help support her body and immune system.


During Makayla's Alopecia journey the family met the most amazing Naturopath Dr. Alana Berg who has her own practice in Kelowna BC. She has written a book called "The Courageous Cure". If you get a chance to read it you will find Makayla’s story.

Becky learned a lot from Alana which led her to change her diet to gluten free and dairy free. She eliminated toxic chemicals from her house and looked for things that were Organic, Eco friendly and natural. The Krenzel's bought new mattress’ that were 100% natural (latex) all new organic bed frames that were non toxic, air purifiers, and 7 stage UV light system for their water. They put kill switches in all of their bedrooms to eliminate (Electro Magnetic Field) EMF at night which often comes from our phones, wifi, smart TVs and electrical outlets. These kill switches turnoff the power and eliminate the EMFS that have been proven to interfere with DNA and cellular repair. They also discovered body talk and started practicing meditation.

Body talk is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine. The Krenzel's have done numerous testing to understand their daughters unique condition and how it has affected her body. The testing included genetic, heavy metal, hormonal all of which were customized to Makayla.

Just as the family felt competent that they could improve Makayla's condition, their youngest daughter Cruz (8) was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis in her wrist. This resulted in Becky once again turning to Dr. Alana Berg in the hopes that she could help Cruz with her pain and slow the progression of the arthritis. They took Cruz off gluten, dairy and sugar for 9 months. Becky wanted to exhaust all other methods before going the conventional route which she is a supporter of given the right circumstances.

Through all of her efforts from diet and many other changes Cruz is now in full remission. In starting this business, Becky is hoping to provide support and create connections for those going through similar experiences. The curated boxes from Beloved & Bespoke will give people the opportunity to try unique brands and gain knowledge about natural and handcrafted products. The overall goal for every individual who receives our box is to feel empowered, nourished and supported.