Handcrafted Crib Board Beloved & Bespoke Handcrafted Crib Board Beloved & Bespoke
Handcrafted Crib Board $188.00
Our crib boards, showcasing timeless designs and handcrafted precision, arrive complete with pegs and playing cards. What sets them apart is the opportunity for personalization, making them a perfect fit for game nights, camping excursions, corporate gatherings, or anyone who holds a deep affection for cribbage.These meticulously crafted boards exude high-quality craftsmanship, and they boast a built-in storage feature for both your pegs and cards, rendering them a convenient and portable game companion for all your travels and adventures.Furthermore, we offer the option for personalized engraving. To make these boards uniquely yours, simply share your preferences in the notes or reach out to us via email to explore tailor-made design and personalization/branding possibilities.   Custom Cribbage Board Comes with  LUXURY PEGS LUXURY PLAYING CARDS
Unwind Box Beloved & Bespoke
Unwind Box $111.00
You want to unwind, relax and just take a break! Enjoy our organic Chai babba tea while enjoying the scented aroma of our Warm vanilla Sugar Candle! Then enjoy some of our favorite candy from sugar joy which will sure to curb that sweet tooth.  Delicously Wickt Candle Chai Babba tea Sugar Joy non gmo, no highcorn fructose syrup Viva Cacao gluten dairy and soy free Chocolate  Dried Flower bouquet 
Moms Retreat Beloved & Bespoke
Moms Retreat $29.99
 Immerse yourself in a tranquil experience with a curated selection of calming balm, revitalizing bath salts, and premium tea. Indulge in a pampering escape right in the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to a blissful retreat like no other.   • Chai Baba Solstice Tea • Truth Sore Muscle Balm  • Crystal Hills Organic Bath Salts 
Okanagan Beach Breeze Box Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan Beach Breeze Box $125.00
With the Okanagan Beach Breeze Box, you can bring the beach vibes into your home or take it with you on your next beach adventure. It is the perfect way to indulge in the relaxation and tranquility of the Okanagan beach scene, no matter where you are. 
Executive Box 2.0 Beloved & Bespoke
Executive Box 2.0 $375.00
This box is sure to leave an impression on your clients, loved ones or family. With our Handcrafted Charcuterie boards all made in house are the perfect sentimental gift. Whether you have clients moving into a new house, apartment or condo. This also makes the perfect housewarming gift. Cozy useful and intentional items that are perfect for any new homeowner.  •Handcrafted Charcuterie board •Tofino Throw Blanket • Handmade Candle •Karat Chocolate  •Olivia’s Oils  • Umami dressing  • Eatable Popcorn • Organic Coffee Beans • Deliciously Wickt Matches  •Clarity Apothecary room Spray  • dried Flower Bouquet 
Recharge Box
Recharge Box $86.00
Admiring the simple joys of life.  Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed local tea in a charming mug. Whether you're cozied up on a rainy day or catching up with a friend, this box is a  moment is pure bliss. Embrace the tranquility whether it’s a colleague, friend, teacher, coach thus box is sure to put a smile on their face.    •Local Handmade mug  •Local Chai Babba Tea  •Tease wellness glow tea  • Dried Flower bouquet  •mini Viva Cacao chocolate (gluten,dairy and soy free) 
Mothers Delight Beloved & Bespoke
The Delightful Box $125.00
Mother's Delight which includes everything that will fill the room with delight. Our signature soothing aroma Candle, Wicker Trimmers, relaxing Tea, and handcrafted hand Towels, along with our signature moisturizing Soap is a beautifully curated gift box that combines practicality and indulgence for a truly delightful experience. This gift box is perfect for those looking to pamper themselves or surprise their loved ones with a thoughtful and luxurious present. •Rose Gold Wicker Trimmer •Hobbyist moisturizing soap  •Dried bouquet  •Chai Babba Tea •Delicously Wickt Candle •True North Handmade HandTowels 
Cozy Comfort Beloved & Bespoke
Cozy Comfort $122.00
Our Cozy Comfort Box is the perfect Box to exemplify all the feelings of relaxing, unwind and reflect.  Whether you're enjoying a quiet evening alone or sharing this cozy moment with loved ones, the combination of a handcrafted signature mug, beautiful vanilla sugar candle and the warmth of soothing tea that will create a haven of comfort and relaxation. It's a simple pleasure that can bring a sense of joy and contentment to even the most hectic of days. Light your candle with beautiful matches that are perfect to create that ambience and sets the mood to enjoy a beautiful evening and or morning relaxing. Surrounded by the gentle glow of the candle, you can't help but feel a sense of peace and contentment. The soft crackling sound of the flame adds to the cozy ambiance, creating a symphony of comfort for your senses. So next time you're in need of a little comfort, let the cozy warmth and soothing ambiance wash over you. It's a simple act that can bring a world of comfort and contentment into your life. • Love Co Ceramic mug • Deliciously Wickt Vanilla Sugar Candle • Deliciously Wickt Matches •Handmade dried flower bouquet •Tease Wellness “Chill out Cherry” Tea   
Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields $100.00
The okanagan is known for its beautiful orchards, local fruit and hot summer nights. Get ready to relax as you enjoy a beautiful cup of tea while you enjoy the Okanagan sunsets. From strawberry themed items you’ll love!  •Strawberry handmade local mug •Chai Babba Tea  •Strawberry Fields Napkins •Mini Strawberry dish for jams, jelly etc   •Sugar joy candy (non gmo no high-corn  Fructose syrup)  •Karat Chocolate  •Dried flower bouquet   
Thinking Of You Box Beloved & Bespoke
Thinking Of You Box $295.00
Sending love and support to anyone who may be going through a challenging time. Our Thinking of You Box is designed to bring comfort and warmth during moments of bereavement or while recovering from an illness. our box wax designed to hit all all your scents. From soft and cozy to delicious treats we’ve curated this box to show love, support and most of all a little solace! Let's show our loved ones that we care with a thoughtful gift that lets them know they are in our thoughts.    •Tofino Towel Throw  • Peak Cellars Candle •heartfelt matches  •Fancy Cocktail nuts •Clarity Apothecary Room Spray  •Sandrines Handcrafted Chocolate •Dried Bouquet •Tease Wellness Tea •Tease Chamomile Dreams Bath Soak   
YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) Beloved & Bespoke YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) Beloved & Bespoke
YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) from $45.00
These Yetis serve as the ideal personalized gift, suitable for occasions ranging from Father's Day and Mother's Day to birthdays and retirement. Our team will artfully engrave them with a name or a special phrase of your choice, adding a personal touch that makes every moment unforgettable. Email your personalization requests to becky@belovedandbespoke.com