Ruff Box Beloved & Bespoke
Ruff Box $142.00
If you have a dog or perhaps you know someone that just brought home the cutest puppy this box is definitely for you. Dogs become apart of our family and no better way to celebrate them then to shower them with beautiful gifts from around the Okanagan and Canada. This box was curated with the intention to show just how important our pets can be, after all This is our happy place”   Ruff life micro fiber towel  Ledog leather poop bag  Happy Life Sign  okanagan Candle Family Room Spray  mini Karat chocolate  mini dried flower bouquet   
Birdie Juice Box Beloved & Bespoke
Birdie Juice Box $165.00
If you are a golfer or know someone that is in love with golf then this box is for you.  Tee off with your new golf balls! While you’re out on the course you can keep the sun out of your eyes with OKNGN lifestyle hat while gearing up for your birdie shot! With our beer Cozy chiller and our birdie juice flask you are all prepared for celebrating with our crystal shot glasses and our Mickey from Tumbler&Rocks    OKNGN lifestyle Hat  OKNGN chiller Birdie Juice flask  crystal shot glasses  Titleist golf balls  Tumbler & Rocks Mickey 
Bundle Of Joy Box Beloved & Bespoke
Bundle Of Joy Box $90.00
Welcome to the world little one! With our Beloved baby box we made sure to choose items with intention, thoughtfulness and love! Not only do we want to spoil the new precious baby that had come into the world, bit we want momma to feel special too! Momma can wrap her new bundle of joy in our sustainable organic baby throw and soak up some suds in a bath while using our all natural sugar scrub while sipping on some organic tea and after your bath is done use our unscented body butter which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This body butter is good for baby too as it is all natural organic she’s butter and coconut oil      Tofino Towel (baby blanket)  clarity apothecary body butter  Truth Shimmer body scrub  chai babba Happiness Tea  
Okanagan Valley Box Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan Valley Box $150.00
Introducing the “Okanagan Valley Box”This box is a great way to show case some of the Okanagan’s finest products! Even if you have never travelled to the Okanagan and or from the the valley, this box is definitely a way to bring the Okanagan to YOU! Starting the evening off right with The Okanagan Table cook book featuring recipes that support local farmers by one of Kelowna’s  finest  award winning chef, Rod Butters. This book also includes a personal signature by Rod himself. We know the the greatest conversations and memories start in the kitchen so gather around your friends and sample A taste of the Okanagan! Whether you’re nibbling on locally made nuts & bolts or sampling some of the finest handcrafted high quality chocolate this box is sure to bring you all the feels!    umami dressing zogood nuts and bolts & antipasto Karat Handcrafted chocolate  mini viva Cacao gluten dairy and soy free chocolate  salrs spring charcuterie mustard  Okanagan cherry chorizo pepperoni  beef jerky  Rain coast crisps  Olivia’s Oil balsamic & infused olive oil       
The Okanagan Vibes Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
The Okanagan Vibes Box $100.00
If you have a love for the Okanagan and love to support local, this box is for you. For a limited time we will be donating partial proceeds to Kelowna Food bank to give back to our community that we love. This box has all the things that we know they love. From local snacks to household tea towels made right here in Lake Country. This box is definitely got a local vibe.  Zo Good nuts and bolts True North Tea Towels Beloved&Bespoke signature vanilla candle Karat chocolate  salts spring jelly  Hyggespace dried flower bouquet
Valentines Day Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Valentines Day Box $220.00
Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style? Perhaps wanting to get together with a girlfriend or celebrate a relationship?  The perfect evening spent celebrating with some high end rose’ bubbly in our premium iridescent champagne flutes and  relax in a bath filled with Crystal Hills Organic bath Salts and don’t forget to celebrate with our decadent salts spring jelly paired with any charcuterie  Crystal Hills Organics  Hygge Space mini bouquet  iridescent champagne flutes Salts spring jelly  sugar joy candy  Veuve Clicquot Rose 
Happy Place Box Beloved & Bespoke Happy Place Box Beloved & Bespoke
Happy Place Box $235.00
This box was designed with the intention of settling in and zoning into your happy place in the comfort of your own home. Cozy up with our one of a kind signature Tofino throws which is perfect for those nights you want to sit back and watch a movie. Perhaps you have some sore muscles or in need of some RnR you can calm your nervous system with our organic natural Just B  bath salts and finish off with our natural organic coffee sugar scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Looking to make your house a little more decorative? This is our Happy place sign is the perfect addition to any home. Our luxury beads are intended to help decorate your bathroom, coffee table or island that is perfect for all year round festivities. Need a sweet chocolate to nibble on? Handcrafted high quality chocolate locally made in Kelowna, Sandrines is the perfect way to finish off the box.  This also makes the perfect gift for a closing box. Whether your a realtor, mortgage broker, insurance advisor or have a client, this box is sure to win them over!!   Tofino Towel Throw Indaba Prayer Beads Clarity Apothecary Pure Magnesium Salts Truth shimmer scrub  Sandrines handcrafted Chocolate   
Rejoice Box Gift Boxes & Tins Beloved & Bespoke
Rejoice Box $80.00
The Rejoice Box is a way to celebrate a milestone, Birthday, a special achievement and or a way to show someone you are celebrating with them. Pop the bubbly from intrigue winery  and enjoy a glass with our periwinkle limited edition corkcicle champagne glasses. Sit back and enjoy a decedent handcrafted Chocolate from Karat boutique located right here in the heart of Kelowna.
Joyous Noel Christmas Box Beloved & Bespoke
Joyous Noel Christmas Box $200.00
Celebrating the festivities this Holliday season in style with some of our favorite products. You can be sure that it will be enjoyed by everyone. With a bit of swest and salty for everyone. It will be sure to hit the spot. 
Holiday Cheer Box Beloved & Bespoke
Sweet n Salty Box $55.00
Looking to celebrate someone special this year. This box is the perfect gift for any one that is looking to enjoy a few snacks and enjoy an evening with a friend, significant other etc. . With our signature mini cocktails and  touch of sweet and salty, we know this box will be delightful.  beef jerky  Pop the Sangria  margarita/Cosmo cocktails 
Sold out
Falalala Okanagan Christmas Self Care Box Beloved & Bespoke
Falalala Okanagan Christmas Self Care Box $155.00
With the holidays a time to celebrate with family and friends we know it can alose be a busy time of year. We curated this box with a focus on self care and a time to kick back and enjoy a few things from the Okanagan! Enjoy time relaxing with your all natural organic Crystal Hills bath salts while enjoying our signature  luxurious candle your body spray from Crystal Hills that will leave your skin silky smooth after that long luxurious bath. Enjoy a hot or cold drink in your new OKan again Tumbler and just a nice touch of sweetness with our non-GMO, no high corn fructose syrup vegan sugar joy candy!
Sold out
Shake & Stir Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Shake & Stir Christmas Box $90.00
This box is perfect for a social gathering, housewarming, dinner party and makes the Perfect  holiday box for anyone that loves entertaining! Enjoy ready made mickeys full of the most popular cocktail drinks from Tumbler & Rocks in Alberta paired with delicious handcrafted goodit strawberry chocolate, Wonder-made peppermint marshmallows, Okanagan cherry chorizo pepperoni and delightful fat toad caramel sauce Friday goes well with any fruit, crackers or bread.  This box is filled with everything festive and not to mention a great way to entrain this holiday season. 
Okanagan Table Festive Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan Table Box $155.00
Are you a fan of everything Okanagan? enjoying a night with a cooked meal from the famous award winning chef Rod Butters “The Okanagan Table”cook book. Featuring recipes from ingredients of okanagan farmers and local growers. Enjoy some locally made goods while sitting and chatting with friends/family and clients. This box was curated with the intention of bringing a taste of the Okanagan right to your home. This box not only be a hit with your recipient but will make them feel appreciated and loved. This box is a great closing box for realtors, referrals, friends and loved ones but is also an amazing gift for first time home buyers located right here in the Okanagan    “The Okanagan Table” cook book~ Author & award winning chef Rod Butters signed by himself  Zogood snacks nuts and bolts  Bright Jenny coffee Karat Handcrafted chocolate  Olivia’s oils aged and infused olive oil  Born to shake mulled spice wine Fumeh Smoked olive Tapenade  Okanagan cherry chorizo pepperoni  Viva Cacao chocolate ( gluten, dairy and soy free)  Umami Original dressing (vegan and gluten free) 
De-Stress Box Beloved & Bespoke
De-Stress Christmas Box $85.00
Are you a lover of tea and all things to help you decompress, rest and feel rejuvenated?  Curl up by the fire this bossy season in our tea connoisseur box. With our Lux selection of tea drizzle honey and all the thing, it’s sure to impress any tea connoisseur! Handcrafted locally made mug  drizzle honey  Muddler  Teaspressa premium pack  fat toad caramel sauce 
Handcrafted Butcher Board Box Beloved & Bespoke
Handcrafted Butcher Board Box $250.00
Picture yourself setting up all the fixings on your brand new butcher board. Included in the festive box is all the goods to celebrate with family and friends! Whether you’re hosting or gifting this beautiful box to someone else this makes a perfect, thoughtful and long last impressionable gift. With many of the items being local to the Okanagan, we know that this box is perfect to celebrate any occasion. Especially Christmas included in the box is the following items  Handcrafted Walnut board made by our artisan and managing director Mike Krenzel okanagan cherry chorizo Eatable  infused “Pop The Salt Tequila” popcorn  Salts spring jelly  Fumeh Trio smoked Olives  Intrigue Wines sparking bubbly  Fancy Cocktail nuts  iridescent wine glasses Viva Cacoa gluten dairy and soy free chocolate