Fireside Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Fireside Christmas Box $65.00
Winter is the perfect time to Cozy up by the fireplace. Or perhaps you are looking to relax with a good book and really reflect on the last 11 months!  Our boxes are designed and created with intention and purpose. The “Fireside” box was for anyone who is really wanting to balance all the things. With our signature handcrafted Bespoke candle and premium matches! Wonder-made Gold champagne marshmallow’s are the perfect sweet treat to eat on their own or pair with any fancy hot cocoa or cocktail drink. Honey ? Well we added this because we know the recipient is as sweet as honey. Besides everyone needs a little sweetness in their life!!!!!
Shake & Stir Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Shake & Stir Christmas Box $90.00
This box is perfect for a social gathering, housewarming, dinner party and makes the Perfect  holiday box for anyone that loves entertaining! Enjoy ready made mickeys full of the most popular cocktail drinks from Tumbler & Rocks in Alberta paired with delicious handcrafted goodit strawberry chocolate, Wonder-made peppermint marshmallows, Okanagan cherry chorizo pepperoni and delightful fat toad caramel sauce Friday goes well with any fruit, crackers or bread.  This box is filled with everything festive and not to mention a great way to entrain this holiday season. 
Okanagan Table Festive Box Food Gift Baskets Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan Table Festive Christmas Box $155.00
Are you a fan of everything Okanagan? enjoying a night with a cooked meal from the famous award winning chef Rod Butters “The Okanagan Table”cook book. Featuring recipes from ingredients of okanagan farmers and local growers. Enjoy some locally made goods while sitting and chatting with friends/family and clients. This box was curated with the intention of bringing a taste of the Okanagan right to your home. This box not only be a hit with your recipient but will make them feel appreciated and loved. This box is a great closing box for realtors, referrals, friends and loved ones but is also an amazing gift for first time home buyers located right here in the Okanagan    “The Okanagan Table” cook book~ Author & award winning chef Rod Butters signed by himself  Zogood snacks nuts and bolts  Bright Jenny coffee Karat Handcrafted chocolate  Olivia’s oils aged and infused olive oil  Born to shake mulled spice wine Fumeh Smoked olive Tapenade  Okanagan cherry chorizo pepperoni  Viva Cacao chocolate ( gluten, dairy and soy free)  Umami Original dressing (vegan and gluten free) 
De-Stress Box Beloved & Bespoke
De-Stress Christmas Box $85.00
Are you a lover of tea and all things to help you decompress, rest and feel rejuvenated?  Curl up by the fire this bossy season in our tea connoisseur box. With our Lux selection of tea drizzle honey and all the thing, it’s sure to impress any tea connoisseur! Handcrafted locally made mug  drizzle honey  Muddler  Teaspressa premium pack  fat toad caramel sauce 
Handcrafted Butcher Board Box Beloved & Bespoke
Handcrafted Butcher Board Box $250.00
Picture yourself setting up all the fixings on your brand new butcher board. Included in the festive box is all the goods to celebrate with family and friends! Whether you’re hosting or gifting this beautiful box to someone else this makes a perfect, thoughtful and long last impressionable gift. With many of the items being local to the Okanagan, we know that this box is perfect to celebrate any occasion. Especially Christmas included in the box is the following items  Handcrafted Walnut board made by our artisan and managing director Mike Krenzel okanagan cherry chorizo Eatable  infused “Pop The Salt Tequila” popcorn  Salts spring jelly  Fumeh Trio smoked Olives  Intrigue Wines sparking bubbly  Fancy Cocktail nuts  iridescent wine glasses Viva Cacoa gluten dairy and soy free chocolate     
Quality Time Box Beloved & Bespoke
Quality Time Box $150.00
“Connection Box”Looking for a unique, high quality box that builds connections is interactive and makes the perfect gift for staff, employees, clients or friends ? Playing games is a perfect opportunity to open up; it also helps to display a creative side of personality in non-intrusive ways! With a touch of contemporary this box includes    classic charcoal coasters, Hand crafted  Seasalt organic vegan chocolate, Cool to Connect Game  signature Mancala  game setWe created this box with the intention to build stronger connections with your team, clients, family and friends. If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season we highly recommend the box of connection ! H 
Intimate Box Beloved & Bespoke
Intimate Box $150.00
Introducing the “Intimate Box” ~Intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close, and emotionally connected and supported. It means being able to share a whole range of thoughts, feelings and experiences that we have as human beings.Included in this box is  Limited Edition Burrowing owl Coruja, Cool to Connect Intimate Edition Game.  Signature Karat mini Crystal Hills Organic bath Salts and body oil all made locally here in the Okanagan! If your ready to give a gift that will not only stands out but is intentional to help build deeper connections with someone you love, this box is for you !
Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board 19x11 Beloved & Bespoke
Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board 19x11 $135.00
Our beautiful Handcrafted Charcuterie Boards are all locally made with local Walnut from the Okanagan and handcrafted by our managing director/artisan craftsman Mike Krenzel   these boards are not only stunning, they make a great impressionable gift for clients, staff friends and family that will definitely be a conversation piece. These will last a lifetime. Included with the board is our signature handcrafted bamboo jar with local beeswax from our very own Cherry Orchard that will help keep your board looking fresh and new. Looking for custom branding ? Inquire through the website or feel free to email us at 
Walnut Charcuterie Board Beloved & Bespoke Walnut Charcuterie Board Beloved & Bespoke 12x9 35.00 TBD
Walnut Charcuterie Board from $150.00
Looking for an impressionable and thoughtful gift this holiday season. This beautifully handcrafted Walnut board is made locally by Beloved& Bespoke using all local materials. Looking for customizable logo and or personalizing options? You’ve come to the right place. Just in time for the holidays you can personalize and or brand these carefully curated boards. Include in the notes you’d customization for the board and or email us at   Does not include charcuterie. Please send us an email if you’d like to include a grazing Box 
Premium Breaking Bread Box Beloved & Bespoke
Premium Breaking Bread Box $205.00
The latest addition to our Collection! This box features everything local from the Okanagan. Featuring our handcrafted Walnut charcuterie board made by our artisan and managing director Mike Krenzel. Our Aged balsamic is from Olivia’s Oils vinegar right here in Kelowna alongside our Okanagan made Sourdough bread made fresh right here in Lake Country by Wendella. The award winning @theokanagantable cookbook signed by Rod Butters has all the art of everyday cooking that celebrates all the local flavors, with exceptional high quality products! For a limited time these will be available for purchase and their are 4 different versions of our “Breaking Bread” box This box is sure to make an impressionable gift for your clients, family, office gifts and friends. It brings people together with a feeling of comfort and joy for the holiday season. Made fresh weekly this sourdough bread is gluten friendly and will be sure to leave you wanting more! Do you know someone you’d love to “break bread” with this holiday season? This offer is only open to local residents of the Oknagan and can not be shipped!
Hot Cocoa Box Beloved & Bespoke
Hot Cocoa Box $45.00
If you are looking for an elegant gift this holiday season for friends, clients,staff appreciation, Holiday Parties etc. our Hot Cocoa Box not only looks and tastes delicious but will keep you top of mind! imagine pouring yourself a  nice hot cocoa in our signature diamond 3D cup and nibbling Sandrines locally made signature Chocolate! We know that this box is sure to keep the recipient warm and cozy this holiday season
Rose All Day Beloved & Bespoke
Rose All Day $120.00
Rose is something people love to enjoy on a nice hot summer day! However if your headed into those breezy fall nights think about getting cozy with a nice warm bath with our all natural organic infused crystal hills magnesium salts and lighting that deliciously scented candle and pouring yourself a glass of Cote de Rose. Our simple yet elegant matches always include a special message on them and are perfect for lighting your beautiful candle! Our signature napkins are perfect for display and or to make sure your rose is perfectly displayed !    this makes the perfect gift for a friend who is engaged, Birthday, appreciation gift and or someone who just wants to sit back and relax! 
Recharge Box Beloved & Bespoke
Recharge Box $80.00
Our warm Vanilla Sugar candle is the perfect way to relax sit back and enjoy those fall nights! While you’re taking it easy enjoy our infused pop the sangria popcorn and our non gmo sugar joy candy! it’s the perfect way to celebrate a special friend and or show someone you care!  Delicously Wickd Candles Eatable Popcorn  Sugar Joy 
After Hours Box Beloved & Bespoke
After Hours Box $235.00
Our Beloved Whisky Box has everything you need to sit back and relax with our signature Glenfiddich 14 year bourbon barrel reserve. With our whisky cigar glasses, pop the salt tequila popcorn and our whisky infused sugar cubes are everything you need to celebrate and or enjoy with friends. Looking for something sweet? Our infused shotwell bourbon caramels are one of kind and will be sure to enhance the flavour of your favorite whisky! Kick back and relax with friends and share your fancy infused cocktail nuts!   
Excursion Box Beloved & Bespoke
Excursion Box $85.00
This is the perfect mini to celebrate someone special. Our handcrafted wine glasses are made locally here in Kelowna. Whether your staying in and wanting to watch those summer and fall night sunsets or make the perfect cocktail, this box has everything you need to express thoughtfulness. Our infused handcrafted toothpicks are a great addition to any evening of good food and entertainment. With a hint of infused mint it will be sure to freshen your breath.