Vixen Holiday Box Gift Boxes & Tins Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Vixen Holiday Box $200.00
Vixen is one of Santa’s 12 reindeers best known for magic. We thought this box should be named vixen as it’s full of magical local items from an award-winning cookbook from Rod Butters here in Kelowna. Rod Butters Cookbook Whisky on the pops infused popcorn  Handcrafted coasters from Beloved&Bespoke Ltd made local  Fumeh smoke olive tapenade  Turmeric infused honey  Bright Jenny on the go coffee  Handcrafted bourbon pecan infused caramels  Teriyaki beef jerky  Karat chocolate chocolate  Salts spring jelly  Whisky playing cards For a fantastic night spent cooking making cocktails and hanging with friends, this local box is sure to Blitz your client. Staff and or loved ones this holiday season.
Lilac Blitz box! Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Lilac Blitz Box! $40.00
This box is perfect for teachers, colleagues and or your BFF! Filled with handcrafted infused cocktail popcorn, a gorgeous French vanilla candle, Bespoke matches, and local gourmet handmade chocolate from one of our favourite boutiques in town.
Executive Box Gift Boxes & Tins Beloved and Bespoke
Executive Box $200.00
Our handcrafted boards are sure to lake a lasting impression on your client/staff friends or family. - Umami dressing made locally in Kelowna - Tofino hand towels all organic bamboo - Candle from Okanagan Candle Company - 2x Salts Spring Jelly's- Verduijn's Black Pepper Crackers- Char Blue Spice Rub- Beloved & Bespoke Cutting Board
Chateau Okanagan Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Chateau Okanagan Box $100.00
This box is one of my favorites. With almost everything being sourced right here in Kelowna. If you are looking for a unique curated box that supports so many others within our community, then you’ve come to the right place. With just a few of our local favorites we are a confident this box will leave a lasting impression. 
Dram Piquant Gift Box Women Beloved and Bespoke
Dram Piquant Gift Box $45.00
"Dram Piquant Box" is filled with sharp savoury flavours followed by a simple cocktail to enhance the flavours. We curated this box with the idea of keeping it pleasantly sharp and tasteful by adding one of our favourite spices that are great for popcorn. Cheeze dill from our Calgary company called Love Your Guts. It's an all-natural, gluten-free product that is guilt-free. Our Sapphire popcorn Kernels are Non-GMO and organic and can last a very long time from Provisions. We paired this with one of our best-selling cocktail kits for a wee dram to ward of the savoury flavour. Sit back and relax by putting on your favourite movie.
Regale Mini Gift Box Women Beloved and Bespoke
Regale Mini Gift Box $50.00
This carefully curated mini box has all the local goods you need to chill out, read a book or sit on the deck and admire the beautiful Okanagan views. Starting with locally handcrafted mugs by Nancy Pottery, local loose leaf tea from Chaibaba will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Our guilt-free chocolate from Viva Cacao is gluten, dairy and soy-free. Then hop in the shower for an all-natural exfoliating shimmer sugar scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Then pop on our Vino lip balm made from luscious grapes from Fitzpatrick Winery. All the things you need to leave you feeling perfectly Regaled!
Pool Day Gift Box Beloved and Bespoke
Pool Day Gift Box $100.00
Think of this as a hug in a box! Sometimes, all you want is for someone to come over and spend the day with you swimming out on your deck. And if they don't know how to swim...bring them a floatie--and jump right in! Packed full of goodies like beautiful all natural organic bamboo Tofino towels and Sugar Joy guilt free candy, and Fitz Crush candles made out of recycled wine bottles. This gorgeous gift package makes the perfect present for friends and family who sometimes need a little R&R time.
Beach Day Gift Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Beach Day Gift Box $175.00
Recreating a well-deserved, sun-soaked day at the beach is now just a few clicks away. This summer, be ready for anything with Tofino towels and apricot smash cocktail kits for all your premixed cocktail needs.
Beholden Mini Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Beholden Mini Box $25.00
Beholden to the snowy winters and sunny summers, these are sure to create wonderful memories. This uniquely crafted gift box is perfect for that someone special in your life who loves the BC mountains... or maybe for yourself too! The Beholden Box includes: Local Crystal hills bath salts  Local Chaibaba tea  Local Handcrafted pottery mug
The Sweetie Mini Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Sweetie Mini Box $45.00
The cutest box you ever did see! Items in this box include the following: Our unicorn shimmer scrub is all-natural and is perfect for any age. Its sweet smell and pretty glitter are the perfect addition to your shower or bath routine. Dream big scrunchie in cream. Made with velvet. Sugar Joy Candie is free of High Corn Fructose syrup, no gelatin, non-GMO, and is Gluten Free 
Prominence Mini Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes Prominence Mini Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Prominence Mini Box $50.00
  The perfect gift for those in your life who deserves a little more self-love! Our Prominence Mini Box is the perfect bundle for a staycation.  Handcrafted pottery mug by Nancy’s Pottery  Chai Bubba Tea to maximize relaxing  Lemon-Scented Candle from Okanagan Candle Co  Unicorn Shimmer Sugars Scrub with all-natural scents and essential oils  Handcrafted matches in pink from Deliciously Wickt
Culinary Mini Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Culinary Mini Box $35.00
This box is perfect for the sauté chef in your life or perfect for a dinner party box. The Culinary Mini Box includes: Smoked Olives Tapenade from Fumeh Award-winning Char Blue Spice Rub Smoke Show Light Jalapeno Aioli Sauce
Old Fashioned Box Beloved and Bespoke Gift Boxes
Old Fashioned Box $185.00
Looking for a last minute Father's Day Gift? This Premium Box features a bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch paired with some of our amazing local gifts. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this box with your favourite Scotch drinker!