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Gluten Free Sour Dough Box Beloved & Bespoke
Gluten Free Sour Dough Box $65.00 $80.00
Craving for gluten-free deliciousness? Look no further!  Excited to introduce the Gluten-Free Sourdough Gift Box!We’ve teamed up with @acoupleofceliacs to bring you this limited Edition collaboration of gluten free sourdough deliciousness. A delight for all health-conscious foodies out there!Our carefully curated gift box includes everything you need to embark on a gluten-free sourdough baking journey. From step-by-step instructions, gluten free sourdough starter, our signature handcrafted mixing spoon and our premium handcrafted Beloved&Bespoke candle, we've got you covered!Join the gluten-free revolution and savor the incredible flavors of homemade sourdough bread, without worrying about gluten!
Cocktail/Cigar Box Beloved & Bespoke
Cocktail/Mixologist Box $165.00
If you’re a person that loves cocktails and everything in between this box is for you. Many people who enjoy sipping Whiskey and enjoying a cigar love the idea of a unique glasses that not only holds your cigar that will add a unique flavor to the smoke experience. While dipping cigars in a favorite drink before lighting up can be fun, dipping cigars in spirits is rooted in more than adding flavor to the experience. Enjoy a favorite Cocktail with our signature kits paired with our Cigar holding glasses, these go perfectly with our signature Handcrafted Coasters made by us. Our fancy cocktail nuts make the perfect snack while sitting back and enjoying a beautiful evening with all your connoisseur items themed around cocktails.  Get together with friends and play some cards with your new Whiskey playing cards.  Want a cigar added to your box? No problem. Send us a message and we’d be happy to add it to your purchase.    Three Cocktail kits Cigar holding glasses Handcrafted Coasters fancy cocktail nuts  Whiskey playing cards.
Okanagan Beach Box Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan Beach Box $195.00
If you love spending your summer on the beach perhaps on a boat soaking up that vitamin D  or maybe you are looking to give someone special a memorable gift!The Okanagan is one of the hottest summer spots to visit and is the fastest growing city in Canada There is no better way to enjoy yourself then with gifting one of our Okanagan summer boxes.Our Unique, elegant and carefully curated gift boxes make the best way to celebrate any occasion! Whether your gifting to a client, team member, family member, bachelor/bachelorette party, our sophisticated boxes are filled with so many handmade local items that will leaving you feeling good about the products you invest in! •Tofino towels x2 •Handmade Miss Jacks Glass x2  •Zo good Nuts and Bolts •Beef Jerky  •Viva Cacao Chocolate  •Moscow Mule Mockails x2 ***non Alcoholic***
Italian Box (Okanagan Style) Beloved & Bespoke
Italian Box (Okanagan Style) $68.00
Craving something delicious and unique? Try the Italian Box Okanagan Style!  This gift box combines the bold flavors of Italy with the local products from the Okanagan Valley. From fresh handmade pasta to a little taste of Italian sauce. Enjoy a perfect evening cooking and creating memories in the kitchen, this box is everything you need to create your own culinary experience    •FAZUZZI PASTA SAUCE •OKANAGAN HANDMADE PASTA •OLIVIAS OILS (BALSAMIC & OLIVE OIL)  •NOBLE TRUFFLE SAUCE 
Okanagan La Maison Box (Camping Box) Beloved & Bespoke
Okanagan La Maison Box (Camping Box) $115.00
the perfect gift for that new home buyer. Perhaps you need a house warming gift? Whether you’re going camping or looking for a corporate gift for clients, our easy on the go Okanagan cups make it the easy way to enjoy a beverage, mocktail right in the comfort of your own home. Going camping? These cups will make a great addition to the camping gear along with our handcrafted tea towels and our Cabin 5  granola. Perfect for summer nights spent with friends and family. When you need some r&r or settling in for the night? Our Noir candle limited edition candle will help you unwind and is perfect for those camping trips that will keep the bugs away.    •Okanagan Cup x 2 •Cabin Five Granola •Noir Candle •True North Handcrafted tea towels
Ruff Box Beloved & Bespoke
Ruff Box $142.00
If you have a dog or perhaps you know someone that just brought home the cutest puppy this box is definitely for you. Dogs become apart of our family and no better way to celebrate them then to shower them with beautiful gifts from around the Okanagan and Canada. This box was curated with the intention to show just how important our pets can be, after all This is our happy place”   Ruff life micro fiber towel  Ledog leather poop bag  Happy Life Sign  okanagan Candle Family Room Spray  mini Karat chocolate  mini dried flower bouquet   
West Coast Box Beloved & Bespoke
West Coast Box $168.00
Our West coast gift box is a curated collection of locally sourced items in British Columbia, Canada. The Okanagan Valley is known for its stunning landscapes, vineyards, orchards, and local artisans. If your looking to show gratitude, offer comfort and or know someone who absolutely loves British Columbia's laid back lifestyle then this box is perfect.  
The Premium Beloved & Bespoke
The Premium $185.00
This box is perfect for RealEstate agents, mortgage brokers, office gifts, Congratulations gifts, retirement or Birthday gift! With our premium condiments and our premium signature and local products this gift is sure to make a huge impression. With many items to share amongst others! This box is sure to hit all the senses as well as wow your recipient. 
YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) Beloved & Bespoke YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) Beloved & Bespoke
YETIS (Personlized/Laser Engraved) from $45.00
These Yetis serve as the ideal personalized gift, suitable for occasions ranging from Father's Day and Mother's Day to birthdays and retirement. Our team will artfully engrave them with a name or a special phrase of your choice, adding a personal touch that makes every moment unforgettable. Email your personalization requests to becky@belovedandbespoke.com
R.O.C.K.S Box Beloved & Bespoke R.O.C.K.S Box Beloved & Bespoke
R.O.C.K.S Box $180.00
Never Drink Another Diluted Whiskey!!! The round whiskey stones cool your drink without the dilution found from traditional melting ice cubes which alters the true taste of spirits. Meticulously handcrafted, the minimalist & solid granite cigar ashtray is distinctive, unexpected, rare. Combining the best in whiskey tasting & cigar smoking experiences, this collection is to be kept for a lifetime. The Cigar Aficionado's Favorites Whether newly interested or the art of cigar smoking is a long-term specialty for you, cigar cutters are an essential addition to any avid smoker’s collection. Paired with a minimalist heavy granite cigar ashtray, the result is a pure expression of material and form that embodies the ritual of one of life’s luxuries. This is a fantastic gift to give to both novice and experienced smokers. Cigar cutter (0.94" - 60 ring)  Perfect gift for Fathers Day! R.O.C.K.S Whiskey Chilling Stones Hello Handsome sandlewood/Vanilla candle whiskey I smoked infused cocktail cubes Reflecht Charcoal modern Coasters
Happy Place Box Beloved & Bespoke Happy Place Box Beloved & Bespoke
The New Home Box $250.00
This box was designed with the intention of settling in and zoning into your happy place in the comfort of your own home. Cozy up with our one of a kind signature Tofino throws which is perfect for those nights you want to sit back and watch a movie. Perhaps you have some sore muscles or in need of some RnR you can calm your nervous system with our organic natural Just B  bath salts and finish off with our natural organic coffee sugar scrub which will leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Looking to make your house a little more decorative? This is our Happy place sign is the perfect addition to any home. Our luxury beads are intended to help decorate your bathroom, coffee table or island that is perfect for all year round festivities. Need a sweet chocolate to nibble on? Handcrafted high quality chocolate locally made in Kelowna, Sandrines is the perfect way to finish off the box.  This also makes the perfect gift for a closing box. Whether your a realtor, mortgage broker, insurance advisor or have a client, this box is sure to win them over!!   Tofino Towel Throw Indaba Prayer Beads Clarity Apothecary Pure Magnesium Salts Truth shimmer scrub  Sandrines handcrafted Chocolate   

Discover Unique Housewarming Gifts to Warm Hearts and Homes

Housewarmings are truly special occasions. After a long journey of purchasing a property, planning, and preparation, finally settling into a dream home brings immense joy to new homeowners. Housewarming traditions may originate from various cultures, but they all convey messages of health, happiness, and a fresh start in a new home. With that in mind, selecting a unique housewarming gift that embodies the joy of new beginnings is essential.

Gifting is an art that requires thoughtfulness, an affinity for the recipient, and genuine care. Our wide selection of gifts for every occasion ensures that you'll always find something special for your loved ones. Gift-giving customs and etiquette are deeply rooted in strengthening interpersonal bonds, building trust, and fostering happiness. Your loved ones will undoubtedly cherish these tokens of affection and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Our carefully curated collections emphasize the importance of nurturing relationships. At Beloved & Bespoke, we offer truly original housewarming gift ideas that your loved ones will adore. You can never go wrong with a personalized housewarming gift when it comes to surprising those who matter most. With all these options available at the click of a button, your shopping experience becomes even more enjoyable.

If you're searching for that perfect housewarming present, look no further. Choosing a gift for such an event can be challenging; concerns about whether the recipient will like it or if it's suitable for the occasion may arise. Our housewarming gifts collection is designed to infuse any new home with warmth and love. Our selection includes Social Boxes, Handcrafted Charcuterie Boards, and Executive Boxes – all unique gift options that celebrate the joy of gifting and promote happiness.

Beloved & Bespoke's incredible selection of housewarming gifts will undoubtedly leave you spoiled for choice. We also offer some of the most creative and thoughtful housewarming gift ideas that cater to other special occasions. Explore our bachelorette gifts collection and thank you gifts collection for more inspiration. Our housewarming gift boxes will make recipients feel truly special and remind them of their importance and happiness in your life. Let a meaningful housewarming gift filled with love and blessings illuminate their dream home.