Culinary Mini Gift Box Culinary Mini Box Gift Box
Culinary Mini Box $35.00
This box is perfect for the sauté chef in your life or perfect for a dinner party box. The Culinary Mini Box includes: Smoked Olives Tapenade from Fumeh Award-winning Char Blue Spice Rub Smoke Show Light Jalapeno Aioli Sauce
Lilac Blitz Gift Box
Lilac Blitz Box! $45.00
This box is perfect for teachers, colleagues and or your BFF! Filled with handcrafted infused cocktail popcorn, a gorgeous French vanilla candle, Bespoke matches, and local gourmet handmade chocolate from one of our favourite boutiques in town.
The Mint Box Beloved & Bespoke
The Mint Box $90.00
Do you own an Air bnb perhaps looking for non toxic sustainable, local product? This box is perfect for the recipient who is looking for more natural ways to clean their house. The mint box features the collection of all things natural and good for the environment! When it comes to cleaning we wanted to give you options that will not only clean your house but will make it smell good too. You can guarantee that your house is sure to smell just a bit more mintier! Made in Victoria BC MintCleaning is women owned and Eco Friendly    
Leader Box Beloved & Bespoke
Leader Box $80.00
This box was curated for the teachers, faculty members, coworkers, professors, leaders of the company and or that person you want to show a token of gratitude or appreciation. Our this box was created intentionally for the hardworking, dedicated, enthusiastic, determined and motivated recipient.  kpure naturals Keep Going essential oil spray  leather branded Bespoke journal  shotwell infused handcrafted caramels 
Gratitude Box Beloved & Bespoke
Gratitude Box $33.00
A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart! Is their a special teacher you’d like to celebrate? Perhaps a principe, colleague or staff member.    We have curated this mini box with the intention of signifying that teacher that perhaps went the extra mile and or just really made an impact! This  box represents all local businesses from the Okanagan and will be sure to leave a lasting impression!  Nancy Pottery Ceramic Mug (West Kelown) Karat Chocolate (Kelowna) Chai bubba Tea (Kelowna)
Mini Golden Pompous Gift Box Mini Golden Pompous Gift Box Image
Mini Golden Pompous Box $95.00
Our Mini Pompous box makes the perfect gift for anyone needing a little extra TLC and self love. This beautiful mini has been carefully curated to bring warmth, appreciation and love to the recipient.  Featrued in our  Golden Pompous  Tav Ceramics made in Vancouver Handcrafted ceramic mugs with lid made with the intention of creating something timeless made with high quality clay, non toxic glaze.  Also seen in the Jilly box  Viva Cacoa from Slocan BC  High quality, organic ingredients for each bar, and packing in superfoods with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need daily. Gluten, dairy and soy free.  Clarity Magnesium  Bath Salts - Tofino  We love the idea of soaking in a soothing bath surrounded by beautiful flowers. We have teamed up with Barefoot Tofino Flowers to combine Magnesium Chloride flakes with carefully grown, handpicked, dried flowers. Use 1 vial per bath to reduce pain, swelling, soothe muscles, release tension and aid in sleep. Tease Golden Slumber  A calming blend to guide you from a long day, straight into dreamland with peppermint and rooibos. Caffeine Free. did you know Rooibos is known to calm the nerves for a restful sleep.  Ingredients: Rooibos*, Lemon pieces*, Peppermint leaves*, *Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic  Blended and packaged in Canada.

Make Your Teachers Feel Extra Special with Unique Teacher Gifts

Teachers are the cornerstone of modern-day civilization. They shape the students' minds and influence their lives to have a better future. If you wish to acknowledge their efforts and say thank you for what you are today, we have the finest collection of curated teacher gifts, keeping your feelings in mind. Our gratitude box is apt to leave a lasting impression as it contains a ceramic mug, delicious karat chocolate, and chai bubba tea in it. Our mini golden pompous box is perfect for bringing warmth, appreciation, and love altogether in a single box. There are many more thoughtful gifts we have for your teachers. Don’t wait for the “Teacher’s Day” to come to express what you feel about them. Choose a perfect teacher's gift set and make them feel special by gifting it to your special teacher. Ador a beautiful smile and tell them how happy and successful you are today!